Brand Playground Vision

A next generation flagship destination relevant to the customer of today and tomorrow.


Axiom is one of the best connected destinations in the United Kingdom at the heart of, and with direct access from, the northern motorway network.

Macro and micro demographics are outstanding. Located in one of Europe’s most underserved retail catchments, it is the perfect location for flagship stores with 9.5 million people within 60 minutes’ drive.

Designed as a ‘Brand Playground’, Axiom will deliver a customer focused experience with a clear future-of-retail vision including spaces where brands can connect with their customers in new ways. We are encouraging brands to surprise and delight visitors allowing them to experiment and evolve in the new retail landscape.

Within the 106-acre estate, we are making a huge investment in sport, leisure, events, adventure, digital and F&B concepts. Axiom will be a next-generation, experience-driven flagship destination, designed with the benefit of hindsight following seismic change in consumer and market behaviours in the UK and abroad.

The Axiom brand was conceived in 2017 with the original word deriving from ancient Greek meaning “a self-evident, undeniable truth”. Axiom’s truth is that consumers have changed forever and we will provide visitors with more experience, more excitement and more delight, unlike any other destination in the UK.

Against a backdrop of financial, political and retail uncertainty, 13 globally significant brands representing more than 50% of total floor space have now committed to Axiom.